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  • PNJ Company has sold platinum or not?

    Platinum also called Platinum is a simple matter of high value and 2.5 times harder than gold, it is difficult to be crafted jewelry with high sophistication, currently unused PNJ to manipulate platinum jewelry. You can choose white gold products at Shop system PNJ with sophisticated designs and diversity of species.

  • I want to buy diamonds PNJ but do not know it later when demand reseller, company acquisitions or not

    All products Gold jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, semi precious stones PNJ sold by the Company are recorded under current policies and regulations are in favor of the plan.
    Please contact PNJ stores nationwide or via PNJ Hotline: 0283 995 9336 for further advice on policy exchange current jewelry.

  • He / she ask me what is ECZ?

    ECz is perfect synthetic stones stands " Excellent Cibic Zirconia ". This is one of the lines of high quality jewelry PNJ with the unique combination between material white gold and stones ECZ has the highest quality, each combining cutting with precision exquisite standard of natural diamonds make up the brightly lit and perfect beauty for each product.

  • I was awarded one of the PNJ shaking but I lost, want to have it? How much time?

    You can go to the store PNJ to review actual samples in the store (if available) or more specific advice. Lead time depending on the sample but overall ordering period ranged from 10 to 15 working days.

  • Why the PNJ gold jewelry products are warranted but tripod, 24K gold ring with no warranty?

    Necklaces, bracelets 24K products are crafted entirely by hand, surface tattoo / touch very thorough and meticulous in every detail. If used improperly will very easily broken or deformed (Due to the characteristics of 24k gold is very soft and brittle than gold compounds) and can not be welded as the original intact.

  • PNJ has received the order form by the customer or not?

    In case the customer needs to place product is specifically designed to meet the needs PNJ still this in the form of newly designed and manufactured according to the form. Please come PNJ stores for specific advice. Lead time depending on the sample but overall ordering period ranged from 10 to 15 working days.

  • I need to buy jewelry to wear feng shui did not know at the store PNJ sell this product or not?

    Current PNJ jewelry is very diverse and rich in service to each customer's needs. If customers wish to carry jewelry with feng shui their customers can go to all the stores of PNJ will be counselors at the store consultation of jewelry matching the year of birth of customers .

  • I have 1 necklace with 585 PNJ symbols mean? How much value products?

    You are the product with the symbol PNJ property is 585 14K gold necklace of PNJ. The value of the product depends on the actual weight of the product, if you want to know the exact value of the products you can check on every purchase or bring their products to directly store PNJ to refer.

  • I was engaged customer loyalty program of PNJ. I want to check his charges must be how?

    If customers want to check your charges, please contact the Hotline telephone number: 0283 995 9336 , we will support check points accumulated information of customers.

  • I have purchased products PNJ Gold a while ago, now slightly older products do not know PNJ have polished their product or not?

    All gold jewelry PNJ products are warranted permanently polished. You can bring the product to direct all of PNJ stores Expert advice to our support check and refresh of your product.

  • I buy at the store rings PNJ but when wearing the slightly wide of the company do not know what support it or not?

    For this case, please bring products directly to stores PNJ, our staff will check the product and direct support.

  • I just bought a pair of wedding ring in the PNJ, not knowing his side have engraved services requested by customers and the completion time, price upon request engraved How?

    PNJ provide services free engraved on wedding rings for customers. Please bring the product to the store PNJ at 174 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 to meet the needs immediately, or you can visit any store on the system to be PNJ support support. But time may have products ranging from 3-5 days time by excluding amortization moved Jewelry Enterprise PNJ to engrave.

  • I have purchased in private shops 1 cup diamonds obtain accreditation 6.3 PNJ, this is the PNJ Diamond or not?

    PNJLab is independent company was established in 1996 by JSC Gold Phu Nhuan the owner, has 15 years of operation in the field of assessment services, with a team of assessment experts wealthy experience, modern equipment and technology according to international testing standards, quality assessment is synthesized based on the best views of the assessment research institutes around the world.
    Existing services of the company:
     - Inspections, advice on Diamonds.
     - Inspections, advice on gemstones, semi-precious stones.
     - Inspections, advice on gold, silver, precious metals, nonferrous metals.
     - Corrected text on diamond demand.

    Current needs over 10,000 clients each year joining the service expertise of PNJ, all business units as well as private individuals can bring products (diamonds, gemstones, semi-precious stones) to to test the quality.
    However, that does not mean product testing paper of the PNJ's products are sold from the system PNJ.

  • Jewelry but I do not know if PNJ or not, if I sell do not know whether the PNJ have collected?

    On each of PNJ products are stamped exclusive brands PNJ. All products Gold jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, semi precious stones PNJ sold by the Company are recorded under current policies and regulations.
    Please contact PNJ stores nationwide or via PNJ Hotline: 0283 995 9336 for further advice on policy exchange current jewelry.

  • I lost every purchase at PNJ PNJ has recorded not know my product or not?

    Case customers lose their invoices PNJ can extract of an invoice within 2 years if customers remember their time period to buy products at the PNJ. If the time on PNJ will be based on the procurement policy applicable for cases of loss of invoices to exchange the products of our customers
    to get more advice on policy exchange jewelry current customers please contact PNJ stores nationwide or by calling 0283 995 9336 .

  • I buy products that are 1 month but lost every purchase. I want to be re-issued bills to facilitate the purchase of the following do not know PNJ support me or not?

    Please come directly to the store PNJ which customers bought products and provide full information: date of purchase, name of the buyer to be reissued a copy invoice signed confirmation of Doors Head line.

  • I want to buy jewelry but payment by Visa credit card, there are or not?

    System PNJ accepted for payment all credit cards and debit cards Inland (ATM) for all products sold in the store except for some products such as: Gold bars, ring eyelets Blister and Diamond left on 6ly.

  • Tell me the working hours of stores PNJ?

    System PNJ stores start working from 8:30 - 20:30, except for some shops in the commercial center will be prescribed opening and closing of the trade center. (usually open and close later than independent Store)

  • I buy products at the Ho Chi Minh PNJ but currently I am working in Hanoi and wishing to resell products there or not?

    You can go to any of PNJ stores nationwide to resell its products with the same exchange regime in the entire system PNJ.

  • I have purchased products PNJ silver ring, which had engraved on 92.5 on the inside, I want to ask, Is PNJSilver actually be made of what?

    - Products PNJSilver jewelry is jewelry made from silver Sterling Silver 92.5% premium pure silver.
    - Sterling Silver Premium is used in jewelry manufacturing and export PNJ Company directly from the Italian import.
    - In addition, there PNJSilver jewelry Rhodium coated to enhance the antioxidant, anti-corrosion chemicals and produce product shiny.

  • Silver PNJSilver have been black or not?

    By products made from silver PNJSilver premium Sterling Silver 92.5 and coating Rhodium help antioxidant and anti-corrosion chemicals should not be black.
    In the course of use, the product may be old, blurred, he / she can bring the product to any store PNJSilver to be warranted.

  • When purchasing products, the PNJ silver PNJSilver supports engraved name or image or symbol .... on the product or not?

    PNJ not get carved up the silver.

  • PNJSilver Silver products have been changed to pay the offer?

    Is Silver PNJSilver no change delivery policy. Where products are not just wearing and in stores have replaced ni, only accept the change in the date of purchase.

  • How to preserve product silver PNJSilver like?

    - Avoid products with chemical exposure, cosmetics such as chemical makeup, hair, shampoo, lotion ....
    - Do not wear jewelry when doing housework, playing sports: swimming, bathing, or going to bed ...
    - Store products in the jewelry box (use a paper towel to wipe the Duke when the box) not to share with each other jewelry to avoid collision scratch brushes.
    - Every week, should be soaked in dishwashing liquid products diluted, use a soft brush and rub the outer surface of the product. Then rinse with clean water product, wipe with a soft paper, and dried.

  • Warranty of PNJSilver like?

    Silver PNJSilver products are warranted for 1 year.
     - the first 2 months free warranty.
     - From May 3rd to 6th month warranty for a fee of 15% / value of the product.
     - From June 6th to June 12th warranty for a fee of 25% / value of the product.
    To be consulted more details about the warranty policy current silver jewelry, Please contact PNJ stores nationwide or via PNJ Hotline: 0283 995 9336.

  • I want to buy online in the province, the form of payment, how, can be paid at consignees ko?

    When customers purchase Online website will have 3 forms of payment as payment for customers to choose:
     - Payment in cash
     - Payment transfers
     - Online payment.
    - Customers in the urban area of the city. HCM City. Hanoi and HCMC. Da Nang, then you can apply 3 payments on.
    - If customers in other towns, then you can only transfer payments or pay online.

  • Shipping time is long and the province go shipping fees be?

    Time and costs freight You won for forms of PNJ Online sales are as follows:
     - Free shipping with your purchase of VND 200,000 or more.
     - Under VND200,000 , customers will pay the prescribed fee companies.
     - The time ranges from 02 to 05 days (depending on local) from the time customers pay and receive money PNJ.

  • I was in the province when buying online later want to convert and sell the product, you can go for the transaction?

    Customers (any region) to buy jewelry company PNJ form Online when wishing to sell / exchange the product, please bring the bill to any store PNJ nearest nationwide were collected / policy change according to current regulations.
    Please contact PNJ stores nationwide or via PNJ Hotline: 0283 995 9336 for further advice on policy exchange current jewelry. (except the PNJ stores in commercial centers).

  • I was in America, PNJ support sending US products to me? How much time? What fee?

    When customers buy online, PNJShopping Online delivery only within the territory of Vietnam, no delivery form abroad. If you wish to buy jewelry PNJ, you can ask a relative or friend in Vietnam to get the product rather you

  • How to find products in the shortest possible time?

    When customers purchase products in the form of PNJ website Online shopping , to find the products you need to know the fastest product code, then enter the product code into the bar looking to find for.
    Please contact BP. PNJ Online sales via phone: 08 399 59 336 for further advice.

  • Products sold on the website different from the product at the store or not?

    PNJ products sold on the website and products sold in the store display PNJ products are designed by the company PNJ and production should be no difference in quality.

  • After-sales and warranty policies to buy / sell or exchange when buying products online have different than buying in the store or not?

    After-sales and warranty policy or buy / sell exchange when buying products online and at the store is the same.

  • I placed an order online and be able to store to get the offer?

    PNJ currently no policy delivery at the store reserved for customers who purchase the product in the form of PNJ Online. 

  • Online shopping and I want to pay online, payment is how much fees and charges paid or PNJ pay me to pay?

    When customers purchase online at the website will have 3 forms of payment as payment for customers to choose:
     - Payment in cash
     - Payment transfers
     - Online payment.
    Currently online payment website is completely free.

  • Buy online, it will enjoy the benefits of how differently that to buy at the store?

    - When customers purchase Online will be free delivery to the customer location requirements, depending on the product will have special incentives for customers only buy Online.